Stephen E Hall, Owner

M e m o r i e s U n l i m i t e d V i d e o

Yountville, C A.  9 4 5 9 9

Professional Video ENGINEERING

And Production Assistance

Retired : Stephen E. Hall owner operator for over 28 years in Santa Clara County, has worked at many companies including,
Transvideo Studios, Sony, VMI, Pinnacles, Mindset, Palm, Tapewave,Compession Labs, Cezar Industries, Tehran TV,
Studio 2 - Bill TorontoProductions, (where we did 30% of the bay area car commercials and industrial shoots)
' plus I do installation and test, as well as maintenance and repair'
at several  bay area dish transmitting, and Cable Broadcast Co-ops
plus a few Video Studios and Edit Suites Too. 

Sample Video Project "QRCode Video Demo"


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